Do Pomskies Shed?

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About Pomsky Fur

Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians are both double-coated dog breeds, and therefore Pomskies are as well. They shed just like the breeds they are descended from. The best way to minimize shedding is through regular brushing with an appropriate brush or comb. Not, only does this mean less hair around your house, it also helps to prevent tangles and matting. Some owners opt to take their Pomskies to a groomer for regular baths and coat care, but if you are confident in being able to handle grooming on your own, a few inexpensive grooming tools are all that you need.

Pomsky Coat Types

The Pomsky coat comes in three different types: standard, plush, and wooly. A standard Pomsky coat has a short, coarse outer later with a soft, downy undercoat. The undercoat is shed during warmer months, making their shedding habits very similar to a Labrador Retriever. A plush Pomsky coat sheds in the same way that a standard coat does, but their overcoat is a bit longer and softer. A wooly Pomsky coat is nearly the same as a Pomeranian’s, as it is longer and sheds in a “blow out” pattern twice per year.

Pomsky Shedding

The main thing to keep in mind when you are researching the Pomsky breed is that, regardless of their coat type, they are going to shed. It is simply the nature of the breed due to their parentage. However, all dogs shed as a natural part of the changing of the seasons. Shedding out their warmer winter coat helps them to keep cooler during the summer and reduce the risk of overheating. Dead hair will shed out year-round. Brushing your Pomsky a few times per week is an easy task that takes just a few minutes to do properly. This not only provides a great bonding experience for both you and the Pomsky, it also helps to reduce the amount of hair on your clothes, furniture, and floors. It is particularly helpful to find a trustworthy groomer to help with the twice-yearly blowout shedding season. A groomer will have access to more specialized tools that help get the hair out painlessly and efficiently, and it saves you from having to spend an hour or more brushing out the undercoat and cleaning the hair up from around your home.

The Pomsky Dog

The Pomsky or miniature husky is a cross between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian.   This cross results in a charming dog with a wonderful personality that is more laid back and trainable making them ideally suited as family pets. Pomskies come in all sizes and colors and depending on your family’s needs we can match you with the perfect pomsky. Here at JD pomskies we have designed our breeding program with specific goals in mind. 

Regardless of size or color our main focus here at JD pomskies is producing pomskies puppies with the best temperaments. We come from a dog training background and all our sire and dams are temperament tested before we include them in our breeding program. We select only calm stable tempered dogs in our program and then will temperament test their puppies to match to suitable families.  If you are looking for a calmer smaller dog that still has the regal beauty of the Siberian husky join our waitlist for an upcoming pomsky puppy.  

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