Pomsky Puppies For Adoption

Are you interested in owning a beautiful Pomsky dog but cannot currently afford our prices?

Our Pomsky dog guardian program is a way to own a pomsky dog at 1/3 of our regular prices. We produce quality pomsky puppies from parents with excellent health and temperaments. In addition, we put a great deal of effort into the training and socializing our pomsky dogs.

With pet store and puppy mill pomsky puppies selling for $4000, we know our superior puppies are worth every penny. However, we understand not everyone is in a position to afford our prices, but would still provide excellent homes to our pomskies. Likewise, we are not in a position to keep every “pick of the litter” puppy. This is because we know that having too many dogs would prevent us from providing the quality family-raised environment we value. Our program focuses on raising our dogs in the house and making them a part of our family. This would not be possible if we had a large amount of dogs.

What is our Pomsky dog Guardian Program?

The guardian home program is a win-win situation. You get to take home one of our top pick puppies at 1/3 of the regular cost. In exchange, we get to continue our lines by having the guardian dog return to us for breeding and whelping. Most importantly, the guardian dog gets to be a cherished member of your family, instead of a kennel dog in a breeding program.

If you live within a 4-hour radius of Greencastle, Indiana, and are interested in providing a great home to one of our best-breeding quality pomsky dogs; contact us to fill out a questionnaire. Qualified guardian homes will enter into a contract with JD Pomskies. This allows for breeding a set amount of litters out of your guardian puppy when he/she reaches reproductive age.