Our Pomskies


A gorgeous F2 wooly splash coat with double blue eyes. Rose always makes us laugh and is definitely the class clown on the farm. She has a gorgeous thick wooly coat that she will pass on to her puppies. Curious about coat care for a pomsky? then check out my page on “do pomskies shed“. Rose is clear on her Embark and weight 18 lbs.


Stunning can’t describe this F3 wooly red-coated blue-eyed beauty. Anne is a pomsky breeder dream come true…she has a regal personality and will remain small <15 lbs. full-grown. Anne is clear on her Embark.


Echo is a stunning toy/micro pomsky. She is estimated under 10 lbs. full grown. She has double blue eyes and a plush coat. Echo has a great outgoing personality and is extremely smart. Embark pending.


The apple of our eye. This tiny 8 lb. girl goes everywhere with us. She is a great bed warmer too! This dog is why we fell in love with the breed and became a pomsky breeder. She has been health tested and clear. Embark available.


Axel is a stunning mini Pomsky with double blue eyes and a wooly coat. He has a great temperament and passes that on to his puppies. He is 14 lbs. and health clear. Embarks available.


Leo is our exceptional micro toy pomsky boy. He has a beautiful teddy bear face and great structure. Leo will be under 10 lbs. with blue eyes and an extreme wooly coat. He is health clear. Embark available.


Reese is a gorgeous micro Pomsky with a wooly coat and double blue eyes. She is a a very sweet girl and gets along with everyone and everything. Her favorite thing in the world is steak and she will do anything for it. Admittedly it’s hard not to spoil this special girl. Embark tested and available on request.


Olive is a micro Pomsky with an estimated adult size under 15 lbs. She has a wooly coat with bi-colored eyes. This little lady has an old soul temperament. We look forward to seeing if she passes her great personality on to her puppies in the future. Embark available.

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JD Pomskies is a registered breeder with the American Pomsky Kennel Club, and a Certified Member of the Pomsky Owners Association. As an ethical pomsky breeder we only breed a select few litters per year. In addition, as a responsible breeder, we test our dogs for genetically inherited diseases and will provide Embark results upon request. Check back regularly for updates on our planned pairings and join our waitlist to secure your puppy today.