Our Pricing Info Is As Follows:


  • Base Price: $2000
  • Blue Eyes: +$1000
  • Husky Mask: +$500
  • Breeding Rights: +$2000


    Our Pricing Info Is As Follows:


    • Base Price: $2500
    • Blue Eyes: +$1000
    • Husky Mask: +$500
    • Breeding Rights: +$2000


      Our Policy on Pricing Is As Follows:

      • Your deposit securing your place on our waiting list is received within 24 hours of us accepting your puppy application, and:
      • You accept the puppy you are offered that conforms to the preferences you stated when placed on our waiting list. If you postpone to a later litter for any reason, the price of the new puppy will be in accord with the prices current at that time.
      • When you are offered a puppy from a new litter and decide to accept your placement in that litter, an additional payment of $1000 toward the purchase price is required within 3 days of acceptance.  The remaining balance is payable when your puppy is 8 weeks old (the usual day you pick your puppy up).
      • We are under no obligation to notify you of changes to our prices. However, we are happy to answer your inquiries at any time.
      • If a price rise affects you that you consider unacceptable to your expectations or circumstances, we will promptly refund 100% of your deposit if you request it prior to the puppy being 5 weeks of age.

      Our Policy On Deposits Is As Follows:

      1. Your position on the waiting list is strictly determined by the date the waiting list deposit is received.
      2. If we are unable to provide a puppy for you in the timeframe estimated in our first email to you, and you wish to leave the list, you are entitled to a fast and complete refund.
      3. JDpomskies may refuse a puppy to anyone for any reason and refund their deposit.
      4.  If you cancel your placement on the waitlist prior to the puppy being 5 weeks of age we will refund your deposit.
      5. If, you cancel your placement on this list after being allocated and accepting a puppy your payment(s) to date is/are non-refundable but will be held for you as a credit on your next puppy from JDpomskies.

      Our Policy On Puppies Boarded With Us Past 8 Weeks Of Age:

      Final payment needs to be complete by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old (the usual pickup date).  Arrangements must be confirmed with us if we are to keep a pup past this date, and additional boarding fees may apply. While your puppy will continue to be loved and cared for, puppies boarded past the pick-up date will be done so at the new owner’s risk.

      ** JDpomskies assesses each puppy’s personality and then matches that pup to a family so that your new fur baby’s temperament fits your household composition and ownership experience as optimally as possible (especially important if you have small children or are a first-time owner)

      Purchase terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time.